Women in Voice

Mission Statement

It is the mission of “Women in Voice” 1) to build community for women in this field, 2) to amplify the work and talent of women, 3) to provide professional development and resources to support women, 4) to empower women and diverse people in the voice technology field. This includes but is not restricted to developers, engineers, designers, marketers, user experience researchers, voice actors, linguists, and artificial intelligence specialists.

Interested in getting involved with Women in Voice?

  1. Join us on Twitter! Our community is most active on this platform.
  2. Sign up for the amazing WiV International Newsletter
  3. Join the professional LinkedIn Group
  4. Add yourself the WiV Directory
  5. Join the Slack, for women identifying and gender minorities please
  6. Find a local WiV group or create your own!

> Watch our first Women in Voice webinar and hands-on workshop from Portland in partnership with Women Who Code Portland and Mozilla.

Got questions? Email joanpba@gmail.com

Defining “Women”

Women in Voice is building community for women in this new technology space. We use the words “woman/women” to refer to anyone who identifies as a female, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, and all minority genders. This absolutely includes trans women. If you feel like you might belong in our community, we bet you do. Women come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes and we support all of them.

FAQ: Are you funded by Amazon or Google?

Women in Voice is an agnostic organization. Our Leadership Team has Leads that work at many companies and with various affiliations, but we share a common mission that is not related to any company.


We’ve had an enthusiastic welcome from people all around the world! We launched on August 20th, 2018 and in one week had amassed +300 Twitter followers and a Leadership Team of 27 women. Clearly lots of us wanted to build better community and support systems!

Partners and Sponsors

Women in Voice (WiV) is thrilled to be partnering with organizations all around the world. We are grateful to our partners and sponsors who provide venue support, financial support, and other in-kind support.